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Why Matt Smith is the Perfect Psycho

Via The Telegraph
Story by Jasper Rees

Ahead of the premiere of American Psycho at the Almeida Theatre, director Rupert Goold, songwriter Duncan Sheik and set designer Es Devlin tell Jasper Rees about the ‘worst idea for a musical in history’

In recent years, there’s been an opera about a lap dancer with artificial breasts who married a nonagenarian millionaire and poisoned herself with pills (Anna Nicole). And there’s been a mock-opera about sexually incontinent trailer trash, addicted to spilling all on daytime TV (Jerry Springer: the Opera). But some things are surely beyond the reach of song. Take, for example, the odyssey of a late 80s Wall Street yuppie who embarks on a killing spree, subjecting his mainly young and female victims to gruesome post-sexual torture before dismembering them and popping their parts in the fridge.

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Dec 9 2013 Category: News

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