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Huffington Post premieres “Selling Out”, new song from Duncan’s new album, Legerdemain

A Conversation with Duncan Sheik

Mike Ragogna: Duncan, your new song “Selling Out” is a preview of your upcoming album,¬†Legerdemain, with another track, “Half A Room” already having premiered. First off, what was the mission with¬†Legerdemain?

Duncan Sheik: I began writing the songs for this record in 2010 and, at that point, there was definitely no specific sense of mission beyond writing songs that were NOT attached to a larger narrative or story as most of my theatre ¬†composition obviously had to be. ¬†Over the course of the five years I worked on¬†Legerdemain¬†there ended up being two different–almost opposite–sets of songs that accrued. One set was clearly influenced by the aesthetics of various kinds of electronic and, dare I say it, dance music coming out of the UK and Europe and the other set were much more quiet and internal and used mostly, though not entirely, acoustic instruments. I began to think of the record as a battery: one side has a positive charge and the other a negative charge but you need both for the thing to work as a whole.

Read the full interview and listen to “Selling Out” on¬†

Sep 18 2015 Category: Music News

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